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Public TeamSpeak Server for Gamers!
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Why Choose Us?

Our team has been working since 2014 to provide players of all backgrounds a quality TeamSpeak server by providing the best equipment and the best connection available throughout Europe.

Best Connection!

Our server is hosted in France to allow all players to enjoy low latency.

Play with friends!

Come with your friends and mates, find a channel or create your own! For permanent channels, ask a staff member.

24h/24 - 7d/7

Our server is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! So just go in and play!

  • Thanks to EvilWorld.eu to host our french WoW guild on their TeamSpeak server!

    Casual Team - Khaz Modan
  • With EvilWorld we can invite our community members to play with us and share what they love!

    French Game Community

The Server

Our team took time to set up this new server. We want more secure, more efficient, more stable in order to offer you a professional service and quality.
Because playing is not just a hobby, it's a passion.

DDoS Protected

Our server is DDoS protected by Online.net and offer us the best uptime even under attack! 


We choose France to enjoy the best possible connection to all Europe and to be closer to all players.

At your service

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask a staff member on our TeamSpeak or via our contact page !

EvilWorld.eu TeamSpeak Server

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Here you will find all the most frequently asked questions by members or you might ask. If you can not find all the information you need, please contact the administrators by using the contact form that is available or directly on Teamspeak.

TeamSpeak is what it names says: it allows members of a team to speak to each other. There are many ways of doing that, but TeamSpeak makes it easy and interesting even when the members of the team are scattered around the globe. It uses VoIP and the Internet to connect people through servers. This can be achieved often for free. Dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people can communicate in real-time using this tool, either to have fun of to collaborate in a more serious and professional context.
You can download it on the official website.
Select « connect » from the « Connections » drop-down menu, which you will find in the top left corner of the client window. You will be presented with multiple fields. The EvilWorld Teamspeak server address is ts.evilworld.eu. The « nickname » field will determine how you show up in the client to the other members. Leave the « server password » field blank. Click « connect » to be placed in our lobby, and you are done.
Access to our server is fully public and free. Everyone can access it.
The voice data encryption is fully activated on our server. We also have a DDoS protection provided by Black Lotus Communications
Right-click on any channel (eg Welcome), click « Create Channel » and then in the new window fill in the information about your channel and click « Ok ».
First, you need to add the server to your Bookmarks. To do it, click on « Bookmarks » then « Add to Bookmarks ».

After, go to your channel, click on « Bookmarks » then « Manage Bookmarks », find the server in the list and click « More ». Find « Default Channel » and click on the rows. Enter your channel password in « Channel Password » field.

To log in, click on « Bookmarks » and then in the small drop-down menu on the server name.

You can find the rules here.
To change your Temporary channel in an Permanent one, request a staff member  directly on the server or contact us via our form on the website.