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Network Maintenance

Hi! Our server provider has scheduled a maintenance of their network the Thursday, Oct. 29th 2015 between 00h00 and 01h00 ! You may will experience network latency or disconnect during this time. UPDATE: Maintenance will performed the Friday 30 Oct. at the same time period ! Thanks, ValpeX

TeamSpeak Client Update

The TeamSpeak Client is now available to dowload! Here the changelog: === Client Release 23 Oct 2015 ! Further hardened security fix from Remote images are now stored in single directory by hash, instead of subfolders. + Added external link warning to opening URLs from within URL Catcher * Updated include folders En savoir plus surTeamSpeak Client Update[…]

[SECURITY UPDATE] TeamSpeak 3 Client is REQUIRED !

Hello, According to TeamSpeak: We have just released a very important security update for the TeamSpeak 3 Client addressing a RFI (Remote File Inclusion) vulnerability. Please upgrade your desktop clients to version The update is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Mobile clients for Android and iOS are not affected by this issue. En savoir plus sur[SECURITY UPDATE] TeamSpeak 3 Client is REQUIRED ![…]

TeamSpeak Server Update

Hey guys ! We have just updated our TeamSpeak server to the latest version ( Here is the changelog: === Server Release 24 Aug 2015 – fixed DoS vulnerability – fixed clients dropping with “convert error” – added some timing logs See you soon !

TeamSpeak Server Update

Hi ! The server will be updated this week-end during the night ! It will improve the DDoS protection of the server by fixing a vulnerability. === Server Release 20 apr 2015 – fixed DDOS amplification vulnerability Thanks all, ValpeX

Website is back !

Hey There! We are pleased to announce the return of our website! All nice and clean, you will find most of what is there to know about us but also access to our forum (under construction) and the ips of our game servers and our TeamSpeak! Hoping that you like it 🙂 See you ingame!