Server Rules


As you know, sometimes it is necessary to establish rules to ensure a good agreement within the TeamSpeak server. These rules are therefore to ensure the tranquility and maximum server uptime.


  • Nickname must match the one you use in your games and must not be offensive or affect another user.
  • Do use an offensive avatar.
  • Respect other users and contact a member of staff in case of problems.

Public Space

  • Public channels are free to access for everyone.
  • It’s not permitted to navigate into each public channel to ask for players or to talk with.
  • Do not use voice changer or music bot in public channels.
  • If someone joins you and starts being annoying then ask for a staff member. We will do what is needed.

Private Space

  • Private channel must have a correct name.
  • Each channel admin has the possibility to kick someone from their channel. Do not abuse.
  • Private channel can have max 4 subchannels depending on the number of users.
Each infraction of the rules may be subject to a warning, a temporary ban or a definitive bannisemment depending on the gravity of that offense.

If you need to contact the staff use our contact form !

Thanks for reading this,